New York City Randoms

I've just spent 12 days in New York City which is always amazing and really motivating for me ... it's just one of those cities that seem to get me inspired and I ended up shooting quite a lot of stuff during my days off. These are just a few…
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What Now Tour Video 2

Here is the next installment that I put together while in South Africa with the What Now guys. It's been AMAZING so far and I'm super excited for the rest of it. We've had pretty much NO sleep ... Good times!
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What Now Tour Video 1

I'm on the road with the What Now guys for 2 weeks in South Africa on their Move Like A Sinner Tour and am making some short video blogs for MK when we can. This is the first video. Enjoy.
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Interview about my work with Bluntmag

A few weeks ago, the editor from Bluntmag regarding my photograph and the work that I am doing in the music industry here in London. I always feel weird with stuff like this because I don't ever want to come across arrogant or anything like…
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Sunset over the Thames

I spent sunset today walking over the Waterloo Bridge and taking it all in. I love the London skylines and this is definitely one of my favourite, with the view of the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the River. I have always wanted…
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The HT’s

On my last night with the Tweeds in Cape Town, I shot this photo of them all together being funny on a couch outside the Independent Armchair Theatre. It was an amazing show and out of the 60 shots I took of this scene, I think this one works…