Kennedy One machina portrait by Marcus Maschwitz
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Kennedy One portraits

I photographed some press portraits for Kennedy One who is currently releasing some beautiful music. Neil is an electronic music song-writer and composer with some hypnotic dark tones. We shot these images while he was in London over 2 different…
Listen To Eyes portraits photographed in Los Angeles by Marcus Maschwitz
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Listen To Eyes press photography

At the end of last year I flew to Los Angeles to meet up with LTE to photograph some new press images in the sun
The Wild Things US Tour
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The Wild Things US Tour Poster

I was recently commissioned, on a very cold day, to photograph some new concept photography for The Wild Things to use to promote the announcement of their upcoming tour to the US, where they will be special guests of The Who at Caesar's Palace…
Press images of Fairway band photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
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Fairway band portraits

I recently photographed portraitss of the guys in Fairway to support their up-coming debut release. I've known Marty for years, from other projects, and he's always been a good laugh so it was great to catch up again properly. These are…
Alberto Giurioli portraits by Marcus Maschwitz
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Alberto Giurioli portraits

Alberto Giurioli is probably the best pianist I've ever met, so I was honoured to photograph his new press images. We worked together, for the first time, a few years back and it's been great watching him progress. Alberto trusted me…
New Volume band portrait 2019
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New Volume – Love Drug music video and promo

I recently directed/shot a music video for the guys in New Volume. The track is called Love Drug and is the first single from their new album (releasing soon). The guys are always great to spend time with so this was a really fun one…
Portrait of Lady Oracle for her music video release by Marcus Maschwitz
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Lady Oracle portraits and music video

I was commissioned to shoot a music video and photograph some portrait images of Lady Oracle, for her up-coming debut release, and we decided to shoot this all in London on a really early (and rainy) morning. We've worked together a few…
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Band of King 2019

I've photographed Andrew King so many times and every single time is a proper good experience. I feel that Andrew and I just get each other and that on a shoot we trust each other 100% to do what makes sense for the shot. I love working with…
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The Damage Promos

Recently I was commissioned to create some imagery for a band called The Damage. The guys have finished recording a really strong EP and are about to begin their campaign. We photographed in a studio in London and the guys had a pretty strong…
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Gud Jon press photography

Last month I was commissioned to photograph new promo images for Gud Jon to support their upcoming release. The EP is has an Icelandic Pop feel to it and was recorded out in Norway so the brief was to create images that weren't obviously…
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Rainbow Reservoir

I recently photographed new press shots for Rainbow Reservoir as the project adjusts from a trio to a duo. Angela and Ian were a lot of fun to work with and we tried quite a few concepts in the studio time we had together. These are some of…
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Once Monsters Press Shoot

I was recently commissioned to photograph new press images for Once Monsters, and we photographed these in a studio in East London. The guys have had a really strange ride so far because they haven't played any shows yet but have gotten…
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Hot Shoes Swing Promo Shoot

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to photograph new press images for Hot Shoes Swing. They're an energetic swing ensemble guaranteed to get your feet tapping and they have a really cool vintage feel so we decided to push this theme in the…
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Zuby Promo Shoot

A few days ago I was commissioned to photograph some new press images for Zuby and it ended up being the coldest shoot I've had in a LONG while. It snowed a bunch of times during the shoot but we didn't want the images to have that look…
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Of Mice & Men for Metal Hammer

The guys from Of Mice & Men have just released their album DEFY and I was commissioned by Rise Records to shoot some new press images for them. This one was specifically for a feature in Metal Hammer which came out last month. You can read…