Sebastian Danzig of Palaye Royale backstage getting ready at Reading Festival photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
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Palaye Royale backstage at Reading

Yesterday I was commissioned to photograph content for the guys in Palaye Royale during their time at Reading Festival. This was the first time I'd worked with the guys and it was great seeing how closely knit they were and how much they…
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Europe with Don Broco

I just got back from 2 weeks touring around Europe with the guys from Don Broco and it was one of my favourite tours I've ever been on. The guys are super nice, I'm a fan of what they do and we've always got on really well so I was fully excited…
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Jack Daniel’s Hero Serve Campaign

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Jack Daniel's on the Hero Serve Campaign. It’s always a dream for any artist to work a project that inflames belief and inspires creativity. It doesn’t happen for everyone but I am one of…
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Bullet For My Valentine 2014 Calendar

Last year I photographed some new images with the guys from Bullet For My Valentine to be used for their 2014 Calendar. It was really nice working with the guys again and a privilege to see them playing live again ... they sounded massive as…
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Young Guns sign to Virgin EMI

My friends in Young Guns have just signed to Virgin EMI which is super well deserved. The guys got me down to photograph the signing for them and one of the photos was used in the announcement about it in this weeks Music Week. It's obviously…
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What Now Tour Video 2

Here is the next installment that I put together while in South Africa with the What Now guys. It's been AMAZING so far and I'm super excited for the rest of it. We've had pretty much NO sleep ... Good times!
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What Now Tour Video 1

I'm on the road with the What Now guys for 2 weeks in South Africa on their Move Like A Sinner Tour and am making some short video blogs for MK when we can. This is the first video. Enjoy.
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The Blackout in Loaded

This months issue of Loaded magazine contains a 5-page feature which I photographed with The Blackout and Matthew Pritchard down in Ibiza.
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Behind The Scenes on my shoot with Lost In The Riots

I had another photoshoot a few weeks ago with the super nice guys from Lost In The Riots and my friend, Brendan Monteiro, assisted me but also filmed a bunch of behind the scenes footage and put together a short video of it all. I really like…
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On tour with We Are The Ocean

I went on tour with the boys from We Are The Ocean for a few days (London, Bristol and Stoke) to promote the release of their latest album and I photographed and video'd the tour as it went on. The guys are super nice and I love working with…
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The Wild Archive Flyers

Last year I worked with the guys from The Wild Archive while they were recording and working on their debut album which I love. The guys are really cool and they have just played their first show together which I sadly missed. They used 2 of…
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Just Me Again Studio Times

I had a shoot with the boys from Just Me Again a few weeks back in the studio and it was crazy times as always. Love what these boys are doing so just wanted to post this photo up of them while I work on the images from that day. This is them…
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We Are The Ocean in Studio

The guys from We Are The Ocean went into recording at Stakeout Studios for a week to work on some new tracks for a special edition re-release of their debut album "Cutting Our Teeth" and I joined them for two days to photograph their working…
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Shooting with Papa Roach

I shot a few portrait press photographs for Clink Music Magazine with the guys from Papa Roach last month at Oxford Academy and it was super easy to work with them. Honestly not knowing much about their music I decided to stay for the live show…
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Young Guns on Front Army

Haha, I just saw this video interview of The Young Guns that was done by Front Magazine on the day that I photographed them and you can see a little bit of the shoot taking place with me hard at work. It's quite weird to see myself working because…