I’ve worked with Linkin Park a bunch of times and it’s always been special for me … they’re one of those bands that impactfully hits me with every song they play live, even if I don’t know them. Tonight I photographed them live at the beautiful Brixton Academy.

Every show we’ve worked on has been massive and tonight is an intimate one for them, even though it’s at Brixton Academy. The entire show was as amazing (and special) as I imagined it would be.

Such a great band with so much influence on most of the other bands I’ve ever worked with. Definitely up there with the top.

UPDATE: Chester has since passed away and it’s a massive loss for the music industry but even more so for his family and friends. Such a gentleman with a wonderful heart. Sending my love to his closest and hope they find the strength they need to deal with this time.

NB: If anyone reading this ever feels like they cannot deal with life anymore please know that there is always a reason to push on! The team at Samaritans are always there to help so make sure to reach out to them, or anyone you feel remotely close to. I can assure you there will always be people who care!!! ALWAYS!!!!

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