I worked with the guys from Delica Black and shot some new promo photos for them in and around Crystal Palace Park. The weather seemed really crappy when we first arrived and I thought we would be spending the time shooting in the rain but it stopped and we were lucky to shoot with some really dramatic cloudy sky in an awesome location.

The guys are super nice and it was really good working with them. One of those shoots that don’t really feel like work but rather a good time just hanging out. The only give away for me is the heavy gear that I have to lug around.

Anyway, the guys have just released an EP which is available on iTunes and I think it’s definitely worth giving a listen to and it’s made me excited for the guys live set.

I was assisted by Robin and Maya on this shoot and we filmed a few short clips with my Lumix “Happy Snapper” again which I have quickly snapped together. The sound in the beginning isn’t the greatest and the buzzing sound in the background was thanks to some guy and his remote control car that he was doing donuts with.

You can see a few of the photos on www.londonbandphotography.co.uk/delica-black-portrait-shoot/ or check out the guys on www.myspace.com/delicablack

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