I’ve worked with the guys from We Are The Ocean a few times and it’s always been a pleasure. This time the guys got me in to join them for a few days in studio while they recorded some new material and I photographed some behind the scenes (fly on the wall) shots of their time working as well as a few portrait shots that they would use to promote the new tracks.

The video above is just a quick edit of some footage during our time together including some swimming and bridge jumping into the Thames River.

The new stuff is amazing and definitely worth checking out so make sure to give the boys a good listen to.

You can also see some of the actual photos from the studio on https://www.londonbandphotography.co.uk/we-are-the-ocean-portraits-2/ and then some of the portraits on https://www.londonbandphotography.co.uk/we-are-the-ocean-in-studio/.

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