Listen To Eyes portraits photographed in Los Angeles by Marcus Maschwitz
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Listen To Eyes press photography

At the end of last year I flew to Los Angeles to meet up with Jonathan, of Listen To Eyes, to photograph some new press images in the sun. I've worked with him a few times and we've definitely found a groove now that works for us, so the shoots…
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DJ Sam Whitmore portraits

This year I've worked with quite a lot of DJ's and one of my favourites was the shoot I did together with Sam Whitmore a few months back. Sam was one of those guys that I'd instantly felt like I'd known for years already and we clicked immediately.…
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Young Guns album Echoes is Out

My friends in Young Guns released "Echoes" today which is their 4th album and a great collection of music that I've had on repeat for the last few weeks since I got sent it. The guys have worked really hard on this release and it was great…