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Behind the scenes: Don Broco Shoot

I constantly get emails asking how I shoot and what my setup is when I work on a photo shoot and it’s impossible for me to reply to every single email especially because I am actually a photographer and not a teacher or admin guru. I thought that for this reason I would post another setup blog from a shoot I did with the super cool guys from a band called Don Broco up in Bedfordshire.

The guys were a flippen bunch of laughs but in a good way. Had a lot of fun working with them.

Anyway, the one location we shot at was next to a lake with the sun setting in the back. This is what the final photo looked like.

I used a 3 light setup for this shoot roughly placed in these positions (don’t hold me to the exact distances and angles) and the ring light is actually meant to represent my beauty dish but this app didn’t have that as an option. Haha.

All lighting is supplied by Profoto packs (Pro-7b and AcuteB to be exact). I took a photo with my iPhone of the setup in pretty much the same position as we shot. As you can see the sky actually looked like that and I never added in or edited the sky to make it look how it does in the final. Just some good lighting and a bit of tweaking on curves, levels, contrast, sharpness and colouring well importing the RAWS and obviously a few slight cosmetic clean-ups.

Not sure if this benefits anyone at all but it’s up anyway for those of you that care.

Make sure to check these guys out. They are super fun and worth supporting.

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