17 January 2012 – I photographed Enter Shikari play in Kingston tonight thanks to the super cool team over at Banquet Records.

The guys at Banquet work really hard to put on great shows and they all really just seem to get what music is about … so if you take them and add together an amazing band like Enter Shikari you know that something mental is going to go down … it did!

I honestly love Enter Shikari and enjoy all their recorded stuff (a lot) but nothing compares to the intensity and attitude of their live show. It’s passionate, tight, crazy, loud, bright and pretty much like one of the biggest slaps in the face you will ever get. Everyone always talks about having your face melted off … these guys could really do that.

I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years but Enter Shikari in a small-ish venue like this releasing a new album was one of my highlights since I started doing this. I love that they spend money on making the shows as best as they can be and I love that they play each show as if it is the first one they have ever played and that they have something to prove …

… with a live set like this and a great new album I don’t think they have anything to prove but I’ll enjoy it without a doubt.

Make sure to check out their new album, any of their older stuff and DEFINITELY try and see them live when they play near you next … seriously, even travel for it.

The lights were blinding and fast which made it interesting to shoot. I was also trying to avoid getting kicked in the head too much and for the first time ever at a show all my lenses kept steaming up on the outer glass (full of sweat). These are a few of my favourites.

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