My friends from Harris Tweed were recording the day before yesterday so I went passed to hang out and just enjoy the studio and their company.

I had 3 ideas of the career I wanted to one day follow and these were photographer, sound engineer and chef. I even job shadowed Darryl for a bit and we were laughing cause if I had’ve carried on with sound engineering, Darryl would’ve been my REAL boss. However, I chose photography and I still have plenty to learn, but I do really enjoy music and the studio so much.

Anyway, I shot a whole bunch of photographs in the studio but for some reason I am having MAJOR problems today trying to convert the raw NEF files and it is going to drive me mad so I am just going to put these ones up for now. Haven’t shown the band yet so hopefully they will like them. I want to be in a band, or play music at least. It really must be the best thing. The Harris Tweed posse really inspires me a lot.

Good friends, good music, good fun, good times and a lot of talent and laughs. Check them out if you haven’t yet.

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  1. cherilyn macneil says:

    hey boy… these are awesome!!! i need to get my hands on some? hook me up?

    thanks for documenting our journey the way you do… you’re the best!

    love cheri minelli

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