23 November 2010 – Tonight I photographed Jimmy Eat World playing an incredible show at Brixton Academy as part of their UK tour.

10 years ago I was introduced to Jimmy Eat World‘s Clarity by my uncle and good friend (Rudi) while I was out visiting him in San Diego and we listened to that album so much during my time there because we loved it so much. Their stuff really grabbed me from that first time and I have been super into their music since then with pretty much all their tracks playing as the soundtrack to times in my life over the last bunch of years (first joint interest that got my beautiful wife and I speaking for the first time, roadtrips with my crazy now-Australian friend Nathaniel and memories of my close friend Mandy being in really ill in hospital … to name a few).

I’ve seen them live 4 times before this show but it’s been quite a while since the last time so I was wondering if it would be as good as I remembered and honestly it was way better. I loved the set, the energy and just the humbleness that they expel. The Academy was packed to the brim (sure it might have been over booked because it felt like that walking around after shooting) and for most of the show the entire crowd was singing (loudly) along with arms raised as if they all had as many memories during their Jimmy Journey’s as I have.

Anyway, sorry for my long story but I got a bit excited (or I am still excited). Make sure to check these guys out if you can on their current tour or on one coming up in the future. They are amazing live and will really make you smile. If you aren’t lucky enough to see them then make sure to get your hands on at least one of their albums and enjoy the soundtrack.

Just a few shots from the show. I’ll post more when I get a chance.

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