30 October 2009 – Today I spent some some time in studio with the guys from Narration.

The guys are busy working on some new and exciting material and I am going to be working with them on some new promotional images later this month so it was really good to just watch them doing what they do in studio and shoot some photographs with them while getting a sneak preview of the new material.

I find these guys really exciting and their music has such a good feeling to it that I can completely relate to. The new stuff will be amazing if it has anything on their current stuff out there.

These are just a few photographs of the guys in studio during the time that I was with them. I will keep you posted on the progress of their new material as well as show some of the new images when the time comes.

Be sure to check them out and purchase their music. They have a new EP out that they have released on a pay what you like option. Basically the idea is to pay what you feel the album is worth. Risky for any band but I think they would get some good returns based on the quality. You can get the EP by clicking here.













Currently listening to : Mute Math – Typical.

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