Samiam at The Garage

02 October 2011 – One of my favourite bands from back in the day is Samiam so I had been looking forward to this show for months since the announcement.

Unfortunately the venue (as always) lived up to the crap lighting and once I made my way to the back they now added to the worst sound mix. It was aweful … such high frequencies, no bottom, no vocals, no guitar and just terribly ear-piercing. Not sure what was up but I immediately returned back to the front with my earplugs and enjoyed the show with the stage mix. It’s a pity because these guys are awesome and people tonight LOVED the band so it shouldn’t have been this way.

I had a great time though but I do know of a lot of people that left early because their ears couldn’t take the “pierce”.

Hopefully the guys come back out soon and play a venue other than this because they deserve for people to hear them right.

For me, it was nostalgic and their setlist was spot on. I did manage to get a few shots that I really like.

Make sure to look these guys up and get their latest album, Trips, because it’s a cracker.

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