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Making of the New Volume - The Lucky Ones music video
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New Volume – The Lucky Ones making of

Earlier this month the guys in New Volume released the music video for their single "The Lucky Ones" which I directed. I'm really proud of this music video and so happy with how it turned out. Ryan managed to grab some behind-the-scenes footage…
New Volume music video for The Lucky Ones directed by Marcus Maschwitz
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New Volume – The Lucky Ones music video

Today the guys in New Volume released their new single "The Lucky Ones" and I directed the music video for it. I love this track so much and it has such a cinematic feel for it ... I'm certain it could be sync'd in any movie and/or advert, so…
Parade - Hertz music video by Marcus Maschwitz
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Parade – Hertz music video

The guys in parade released their latest single "hertz" along with a music video which I shot and directed for it. I always love working with these guys and love what they're creating lately ... this track is tune that I've loved since it was…
New Volume band portrait 2019
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New Volume – Love Drug music video and promo

I recently directed/shot a music video for the guys in New Volume. The track is called Love Drug and is the first single from their new album (releasing soon). The guys are always great to spend time with so this was a really fun one…
Portrait of Lady Oracle for her music video release by Marcus Maschwitz
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Lady Oracle portraits and music video

I was commissioned to shoot a music video and photograph some portrait images of Lady Oracle, for her up-coming debut release, and we decided to shoot this all in London on a really early (and rainy) morning. We've worked together a few…
From The Outside - Circles music video
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From The Outside – Circles music video

The guys in From The Outside have finally released their debut single and I had the pleasure of working on the video for it. The track is called "Circles" and we shot it inside The Dublin Castle (Camden Town) a few weeks ago. I'm really proud…
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The Wild Things – You’re Really Something

A few weeks ago I worked with The Wild Things on a new music video for their next single You're Really Something. I've made it clear a bunch of times but I really love working with this band because I love their music, and because they all put…
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The Wild Things – Loaded Gun

At the end of last month I shot a music video for the first single (Loaded Gun) from The Wild Things. I had the idea for the video as soon as I heard the single so we hired a studio and made it happen. I love the track so give it a listen. Directed,…

New Volume One Touch BTS

26 March 2015 - A few months ago I directed and shot a music video for the debut single (One Touch) for the guys in New Volume. I had a really strong idea of what I wanted to get out of the video, mixing a simple narative with a good performance…
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New Volume – One Touch music video

I've been working a lot lately with a band called New Volume, that have recently signed with Sumerian Records, and they have just released their debut single and the music video to go with it. I directed the music video and shot it together…
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Kerrang! BTS with Don Broco

I've been working with the boys in Don Broco quite a lot lately and they're some of the funnest people I've ever had the chance of spending time with but they're also extremely serious / passionate about what they do. They recently shot the…

BTS with Young Guns making I Want Out

My friends in Young Guns recently released their music video for I Want Out and I joined them on the day to document the making of it. Here is the video I made.
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BTS of my video shoot with Jorja

I recently shot another music video for Jorja, with Float Media, which was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun. The track is called "Fight Till I Die" and it comes out next month and I'm super happy with how it's looking. Our buddy Ryan…
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Muse Animals entry

Recently, Muse held a competition on genero.tv for people to create a music video for their next single "Animals" and the winner would have their video become the official video for the single. My buddy Brendan and I had a day to spare so we…