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Making of the New Volume - The Lucky Ones music video
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New Volume – The Lucky Ones making of

Earlier this month the guys in New Volume released the music video for their single "The Lucky Ones" which I directed. I'm really proud of this music video and so happy with how it turned out. Ryan managed to grab some behind-the-scenes footage…
New Volume music video for The Lucky Ones directed by Marcus Maschwitz
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New Volume – The Lucky Ones music video

Today the guys in New Volume released their new single "The Lucky Ones" and I directed the music video for it. I love this track so much and it has such a cinematic feel for it ... I'm certain it could be sync'd in any movie and/or advert, so…
New Volume band portrait 2019
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New Volume – Love Drug music video and promo

I recently directed/shot a music video for the guys in New Volume. The track is called Love Drug and is the first single from their new album (releasing soon). The guys are always great to spend time with so this was a really fun one…
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New Volume tour poster

The guys from New Volume are playing a few shows coming up and they've used one of my photographs on the tour poster. Excited to see these guys back and doing things.
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New Volume – Back To Blood (Music Video)

Towards the end of last year I shot and directed another music video for the guys in New Volume which was commissioned through their label, Sumerian Records. I always love working with these guys and cannot wait until their album comes out later…
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New Volume Show Poster

My friends in New Volume are playing a show in London on the 26th of November and they used one of my photographs in the poster artwork. Excited to see things starting to move forward for these guys.
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New Volume Debut Show Poster

The guys in New Volume play there debut show tomorrow, at The Garage, in London and they've used one of the promo shots I took for the poster artwork.

New Volume One Touch BTS

26 March 2015 - A few months ago I directed and shot a music video for the debut single (One Touch) for the guys in New Volume. I had a really strong idea of what I wanted to get out of the video, mixing a simple narative with a good performance…
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New Volume – One Touch music video

I've been working a lot lately with a band called New Volume, that have recently signed with Sumerian Records, and they have just released their debut single and the music video to go with it. I directed the music video and shot it together…
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Sam Smith cover of Stay With Me by Tyron Layley

I filmed another one-take track with my friend Tyron a few weeks back while out riding bikes in the city. This time it was of the song "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith and I really like it. Original track by Sam Smith.
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The 1975 cover of Sex by Tyron Layley

My friend, Tyron Layley, recorded a cover of Sex by The 1975 and I really like it a lot so I decided to film a video for it. The track is beautiful and I wanted to keep it simple so I filmed it all as a one-take session in my studio with a single…
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What Now Tour Video 2

Here is the next installment that I put together while in South Africa with the What Now guys. It's been AMAZING so far and I'm super excited for the rest of it. We've had pretty much NO sleep ... Good times!
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What Now Tour Video 1

I'm on the road with the What Now guys for 2 weeks in South Africa on their Move Like A Sinner Tour and am making some short video blogs for MK when we can. This is the first video. Enjoy.
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Move Like A Sinner SA Tour

My friends in What Now have just announced a really cool tour in South Africa which is going down in September. They used one of my photos for the flyer. Make sure to get to one of their shows if you can and party with them.

What Now Video Wrap

The last few days I have spent directing, set building and filming, with a great team, a new music video for the next What Now single "If Looks Could Kill". Probably the hardest job I've ever worked on with the most hours spent awake in one…