10 June 2010 – About 2 weeks ago I was contacted to shoot the debut UK show for The Damned Things and I had to first do some research as to who they actually were. I am always excited shooting but as soon as I checked their Myspace the excitement doubled (at least).

The band is basically a super group made up of members from Every Time I Die, Anthrax and Fall Out Boy which are all amazing bands that I really appreciate. My most exciting thing about it all is that vocally they are fronted by Keith Buckley (ETID) and I love his voice.

Tonight was also the first time that they were playing in the UK and one of their very first shows anywhere. They played The Borderline which is small but really special to watch bands especially of this stature and you could see that everyone there was just out to have a good night and consume the new project.

Lighting isn’t the best and without a pit / stage side it really is hard to get up close without making the show lame for someone else so I just stood where I could and made my way around the venue to grab some unobtrusive shots and document the show. I am not going to post them all on here just yet because I haven’t handed them over yet so until then, these are just a few. The show was absolutely incredible and I cannot wait for their recorded material to come out and even more to get to see them live again soon.

Make sure to check these guys out, they are going to be huge.

Setlist: Ironiclast, Excellent Time, Bad Blood, A Great Reckoning, Handbook, Black Heart, Fazer, Graverobber, We’ve Got A Situation

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  1. Rosie says:

    My friends and I were the girls sitting behind raised section at the show last night (you can see my hands raised to clap in one of the shots) and I totally agree.

    It was an amazing show and I can’t wait for those guys to come back here.

    Great shots, as well, they really do capture the hot, sweaty feel of that gig and how miniscule the place was.

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