29 May 2010Young Guns, as I have always made known, are one of my favourite live bands to watch because of their energy so I can only be excited every time I get to work with them.

As always they went off on stage and really made their presence known at this festival which is often hard to do especially when the line up is as good as it is today. My only thing is that I really do not enjoy shooting live music in the day as I don’t think the photos can really look good and the red roof of the Jagermeister stage definitely didn’t add to my excitement. Anyway it was great to see the guys live again because it’s been a while. They keep stepping it up their sound just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger.

The guys have their full length debut album coming out next month and it’s going to be a really good one so make sure to pre-order it and support them. These are a few of the pics that I took.

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  1. ravi says:

    not generally a fan of shooting in the day either but these came out really amazing. i really love the second shot…at least its not a thatched background… like some festivals.. :)

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