07 July 2009 – This passed weekend I shot photos of one of my favourite bands performing live and it was amazing. For a long time now, Editors have rocked my Macbook, car stereo, iPhone and just anything I own that can play music.

I remember the first time I heard their music from a friend of mine a few years back and how excited I was and I remember how stoked I felt when I got their last album and I remember how nervous I was when I got the confirmation booking for this shoot because I was worried that all the memories I had in the last 3 / 4 years (where their music had been playing in the background) would flash back to me and I would either burst out in tears or be really disappointed in the live set hoping that I had never seen them. It was scary and as stupid as it may sound, I really was feeling emotional. I know that Editors isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that means nothing really because if we all loved the same things there would be no room for experimentation or individuality.

Anyway, so on arrival at the front pit I hear the mixed views that I would expect with one person saying that she has seen the band before and it was her best show to date and then another guy saying that he thought they were terrible and he cannot stand them. My mind had to be made up on its own and as the first note was hit, I had that feeling that I always get when I hear any of the bands tracks. It’s weird, they really bring back so many emotions and feelings, like seeing a photo and having the memories of that specific photo recollect in your head, I have that for nearly every Editors track when I hear them. The first song is new but I feel it already.

It is immediately clear that front man, Tom, is still as excited about the band and their music as he was the day they decided to start this venture because he is EVERYWHERE on the stage. I find him super entertaining and as the second song starts I get that feeling that I had been worrying about and I try really hard to keep the tears in and its hard as thoughts flash through my mind of my wife singing alongside me in our car on several road trips. This feeling carries on and on as the set passes by. “You came on your own and that’s how you will leave, with hope in your hands and air to breathe”.

The band is humble which I always like and Tom keeps thanking the crowd for listening and not walking away as they introduce everyone to a few new tracks of the up and coming album due out around September (I stand to be corrected). I cannot wait for the day that it hits shelves especially after they finish the set with a new song that really is on a new level. They are playing a bunch of shows in the UK during October and they have just gone on sale, I know I will be at the London one and can only recommend that you make one of them.

Nothing like good nostalgic music to spark emotion. Band like this make me wonder of how weird life without music would be and I am so glad that it exists. Thank you Editors.

On a technical note, the main light was ambient daylight from the sun at sunset and the stage lighting had very little (if any) effect at all so I opted for shooting slightly from the side to catch outlines as I hate shooting flat images onto a black back ground of a stage set. The stage was also SUPER high so I couldn’t even see the drummer from the pit and that is the main reason for most of the shots being of Tom. He is a super front man though so I feel he deserves them. Haha.
















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  1. Robert Pike says:

    Great photos! Quite agree that Editors are an awesome band. Same them in Ferrara in Italy recently and will see them again in Birmingham and then London.

  2. Twee Vo says:

    These are fantastic photos of Tom Smith! The band was so awesome on stage. Saw them last week at the Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Cant wait to see them again.

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