09 November 2010 – The day before Halloween I worked with the guys from Starseed again and always it was a super good time together.

The portraits were to introduce their new updated line-up which introduces Murray McCelery. I joined the guys just before the shoot during their rehearsal and was lucky to hear one of the new tracks they have been working on. I was told it was still in the early stages of the song writing process but it sounded huge.

I look forward to the progress of these guys as a band and am excited to see how they step it up with the addition of Murray.

Check these guys out …. now.

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  1. Ricky Fleming says:

    Just like to say that your work is awesome, I really like these Starseed shots (As I am gonna try do something similar with my own band tomorrow – obviously slightly lower production value using a Canon 450D lol)

    I worked as an assistant to A Pro in Glasgow but was doing more glamour and fine art rather than shooting bands but after going through this website, I have the bug again.

    Anywho I’ll certainly be adding you on Facebook, TWitter and all the rest.

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